Villainous DnB, based in Portsmouth, is a record label and music collective by Vylan and Psyclone; curating the most exciting new selections in underground Drum and Bass and showcasing underappreciated talent in the scene.

Our mission extends beyond entertainment; we're dedicated to nurturing new artists and rekindling the passion of the rave scene.

Villainous DnB was a vision of Vylan who began posting drum and bass content on TikTok and Instagram to spread it to a wider audience. Vylan spent this time honing his own production skills to align more closely with the genre. The Villainous DnB TikTok page has since amassed 192k Likes and 6k Followers, an audience which is built on a shared love for drum and bass music.

In the past year, Villainous DnB has surged onto the scene, captivating audiences with our dynamic shows and distinctive music releases. 

Our relentless pursuit of exceptional music drives us to seek out new sounds, ensuring that our audience experiences the best that the genre has to offer. With a carefully curated arsenal of tracks, there's something for both the avid raver and discerning listener.

To get in touch with us, please feel free to email your query to: contact@villainousdnb.com